Last-Minute Vacation Ideas for Nashvillian's


If you are a resident of Nashville, then you live in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the South, being a historic city with ties to Country music, deep cultural significance, and a hub for great Southern cuisine. But even Nashvillians need to get away from time to time, and visiting your own city doesn’t make for a great vacation. Getting away for a last-minute vacation might seem like a costly affair, but there are a few ways to keep your vacay from costing more than a few hundred dollars. If you're looking to take an impromptu trip in the near future, then read on as we help you plan your next vacation out of Nashville, TN. (And if you aren’t a Nashville resident, these tips may still be able to help you!)

Finding Last-Minute Flights from Nashville

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The trick to any cheap, last-minute vacation is finding cheap transportation and lodging. So your first task in planning your vacation is finding cheap last-minute flights from Nashville International Airport (BNA). Fortunately, there are a number of destinations out of Nashville that you can find within a range US$100 to US$200. The trick is to be flexible with your dates of travel and pick your destination wisely. Traveling on a Tuesday or Wednesday will always be cheaper than a weekend, as will taking a red eye or early morning flight. Sign up for fare alerts when you complete a GoLastMinute flight search to keep an eye on live pricing, and strike while the iron is hot to get the best deals. If you can secure a roundtrip flight for under US$100, then you will be well on your way to a care-free, low-budget vacay!

Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta is already a popular tourist destination in its own right, but it also happens to be the most popular destination for flights leaving from Nashville International Airport. This means there are many more flight itineraries, meaning it is easier to find cheap last-minute flights. If you are willing to fly during the weekdays, it is totally possible to find flights from Nashville to Atlanta for under US$100. Once there, Atlanta has a lot to offer for little or no money, from the Atlanta BeltLine with its trails, parks, and public art installations, to window shopping and people watching at Little Five Points. Head to Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park to see the birthplace, church, and final resting place of America’s most renowned civil rights leader. 

Denver, CO

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Denver is another popular destination for passengers departing from Nashville, allowing for equally cheap flight prices, particularly if you are willing to travel during the week. But what really makes Colorado a tempting destination for budgeting travelers is that many of the best attractions here are completely free. Being in the mountains means that there are a ton of trails and parks in the area, which you will only have to worry about transportation. Find a cheap flight, rent the cheapest car you can find, and get a hotel that isn’t right downtown, and those will be your only real expenses. Head to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre when there isn’t a show playing, check out Denver Botanic Gardens when they have a free admission day, or visit one of Denver’s beautiful parks like City Park or Washington Park. 

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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While Orlando is a more popular Floridian destination than Fort Lauderdale, it doesn't have any beaches, and those are the key to a cheap Florida vacation. Flights from Nashville to Fort Lauderdale can be insanely cheap and spending all day at the beach doesn’t cost a dime. Combine that with a cheap hotel and you can conceivably spend a few days in the sun while spending less than US$300. The trick to finding a cheap hotel is getting one that is a little further from the beach. Most people value beach access, so by putting up with a short bus ride to get to the beach, you will be able to find a hotel with much less competition driving up the price. Complete the package by buying food and drinks at grocery stores instead of eating out, and you will have a great vacation without emptying your wallet.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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While you can’t find as cheap of flights to the Caribbean as you can to domestic destinations, the idea here is similar to a Fort Lauderdale vacation. Cheap hotels, cheap food, and days wasted away hanging out at the beach are the ticket. While flights will cost several hundred dollars, everything else will be much cheaper. Just avoid luxury resorts and instead find something in town where you’ll just be resting your head at the end of the day. You will have to shop around for flights, but you should be able to find a roundtrip ticket for under US$300. From there it is possible to find lodging for under US$30 a night and food as low as US$5 a day. This is the kind of vacation where just being here and hanging out at the beach is enough entertainment, so you can spend most of your cash on the flight ticket and you're in business!

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